Tuesday, 18 November 2008

London has a desalination plant?!?!?!

Themes water is building a desalination plant to supply water to London. I can't believe that in a country where it rains every day that they really should need one.

I can almost understand countries that don't have a large rainfall or a reliable rainfall going down the desal route but there is so much water in the UK I just don't understand how they justify the energy use.

BBC 4 fontier program
Environmental cost of cocaine

On the BBC4 Today show this morning the Colombian vice-president Francisco Santos Calderon highlighted the environmental costs of cocaine.

He said that 1 gram of cocaine is responsible for destroying 4 square metres of rainforest. Yet another good reason for not taking the drug even for recreation.

There are lots of other reasons for not providing a market for a product that is responsible for devestating a country but I hadn't realised the cost to the rainforest.

BBC News article from May.